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So I’ve decided to go a different direction with this blog, as I recommit to both it and Doctor Her. I felt this blog was all over the place, with my musings on education, feminism, Texas, and geekery all together, and that worked for me. But I want to focus my writing, so the new site is called The Cosplay Feminist and I’ll just be talking about cosplay and the intersections of feminism and fandom/geek culture. So if you were more into my other stuff, my Twitter (@cnstoker) and my Tumblr (Courtney Writes) are where I’ll still be talking about whatever strikes my fancy, including education, language, and Texas. (A note: If you are GIF-averse, I don’t reblog GIFs on Tumblr.) I will still keep my syllabus and class notes available here (see the new About page), but I won’t really be blogging about teaching here anymore.

This space is still under construction (fun fact: WordPress deleted all my picture files for old posts), but let me know what you think of the change!

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