Cosplay blogs

Cosplay in America. This is the Tumblr blog companion to the Cosplay in America website. They post amazing pictures of cosplay and quotes from cosplayers.

Cosplaying While Black. This Tumblr blog posts images of black cosplayers, advice for cosplayers, and comment on cosplay and race.

Femme Doctors. This Tumblr blog posts pictures of femme Doctor cosplay and commentary on the phenomenon.

Fuck Yeah, Plus Sized Cosplayers and More to Love: Fat-Positive Cosplay. Both of these Tumblr blogs post pictures of fat cosplay, advice for cosplayers, and comment on fat cosplay.

Fan studies & geek blogs and websites

Ars Marginal: Ars Marginal flips the script and looks at movies, TV shows, comic books, and games from our point of view. We’re not on a mission to prove how everything we come across is a racist, sexist, homophobic piece of shit (unless the piece in question is a racist, sexist, homophobic piece of shit). We’re just giving honest feedback about things we enjoy and what it says to and about us as people who are not straight White dudes.

The Border House: The Border House is a blog that aims to break down cultural and stereotypical walls and cross social borders in virtual worlds, MMO games, video games, and social media through inclusive journalism.

The Fan Studies Network. This blog posts announcements, CFPs, and the like that would be of interest to fan studies scholars.

Feminist Fiction. From Merlin to the Hunger Games, Game of Thrones to Glee, this blogger delves into cult television, YA literature, fantasy novels, comedy shows and anything in between to wonder, “What is feminist fiction?”

Feminist SF–The Blog!: This blog is a group blog of feminists writing about sf. Feminism and sf are defined broadly. Ahem.

Geek Feminism Blog: The Geek Feminism blog exists to support, encourage, and discuss issues facing women in geek communities, including science and technology, gaming, SF fandom, and more.

Geek Feminism Wiki: A wiki connected with the Geek Feminism Blog.

Geek Studies: Geek Studies is the professional blog of Jason Tocci. He researches and writes about digital media and visual communication, with particular attention to electronic games and visual and interactive design.

Organization for Transformative Works. The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) is a nonprofit organization run by and for fans to provide access to and preserve the history of fanworks and fan cultures. They have an open-access peer-reviewed journal (Transformative Works and Cultures) and a very well-run Tumblr blog.

Steampunk Scholar. This blog is written by a Canadian academic with a Ph.D. in steampunk literature. He blogs about the literature and aesthetics of the steampunk movement.

Fat positivity blogs

Shapely Prose. This blog is no longer active, but it’s a great resource as an archive. Shapely Prose is a feminist fat positivity blog, and an excellent one at that.

The Fat Nutritionist. This blog is written by, you guessed it, a fat woman with a degree in nutrition. It features advice about eating healthy (not what you’re thinking) and living healthy (again, not what you’re thinking).