About From Austin to A&M

The old From Austin to A&M blog started as an attempt to orient myself in the new culture(s) I was entering. I was moving from a pretty liberal undergrad to a highly conservative university for my Master’s, from a town that basked in the culture of Austin to College Station, a place I never thought I’d be. I was also moving from undergrad to grad school, a jolting culture shock of its own. The blog was a place to vent and rant, as well as a place for me to figure out exactly who I was in these new contexts. The longer I wrote, the more it became clear that I was writing a feminist blog, and the project shifted. Now the blog was not about reorienting myself in new cultures, but figuring out where I stood as a feminist in the different communities of which I was a part: College Station, Texas A&M University, academia, geek culture, science fiction fan culture, gaming culture, and the atheist community.

In July 2011, I moved from Blogger to this site. This was mainly because I want to take my blogging, the type of writing I do here, more seriously, and make it more central to my life. The old blog is still live as an archive. I’ve been told that what I do in my blog is separate from my academic work and not as important, and I don’t think that is true. As I take a break between my M.A. and Ph.D. programs, I hope to continue to develop as a writer and scholar here, and to write to a much larger audience than those who read academic journals. I think it’s a scholar’s responsibility to write to the communities about which they are writing, and so that is what I hope to do. I want to write to an audience of Texans, geeks, science fiction fans, gamers, atheists, academics, and feminists. I want to show that our personal lives and our academic lives are not separate spheres, but inextricably linked. I want to write about my life and it be my work.