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The Hawkeye Initiative: Cosplay is political

Perhaps you’ve noticed that female characters in comic books, video games, fantasy, and science fiction are often posed or dressed in oversexualized, even physically impossible, ways. Inspired by the gross presentation of women in their favorite media, the Tumblr blog The Hawkeye Initiative was founded in December 2012. In it, people submit drawings of Hawkeye (of the Avengers) posed in the same poses as women in comic books. The stated purpose on the site is “to draw attention to how deformed, hyper-sexualized, and unrealistically posed/dressed women are drawn in comics.” By drawing a male character in these poses, their ridiculousness is more obvious; generally, if we see a man in a sexualized pose that we’re used to seeing women in, it seems silly and surreal.

Cosplayer Blatsuura decided to take the Hawkeye Initiative to the next level, and cosplayed as a sexy Hawkeye, drawing inspiration from the Tumblr in both his costume and poses.

Hawkeye cosplayer has his vest zipped down to his sternum, and provocatively holds an arrow between his teeth. Source.

Hawkeye cosplayer has his vest zipped down to his sternum, and provocatively holds an arrow between his teeth. Source.

Blatsuura was kind enough to interview with me about his costume.


New site under construction

So I’ve decided to go a different direction with this blog, as I recommit to both it and Doctor Her. I felt this blog was all over the place, with my musings on education, feminism, Texas, and geekery all together, and that worked for me. But I want to focus my writing, so the new site is called The Cosplay Feminist and I’ll just be talking about cosplay and the intersections of feminism and fandom/geek culture. So if you were more into my other stuff, my Twitter (@cnstoker) and my Tumblr (Courtney Writes) are where I’ll still be talking about whatever strikes my fancy, including education, language, and Texas. (A note: If you are GIF-averse, I don’t reblog GIFs on Tumblr.) I will still keep my syllabus and class notes available here (see the new About page), but I won’t really be blogging about teaching here anymore.

This space is still under construction (fun fact: WordPress deleted all my picture files for old posts), but let me know what you think of the change!

Quick hit: New teaching page

Hey y’all, long time no see. You’ll be happy to know that I finally have an appointment with a therapist this week (hooray!), so I’m hoping to be back to writing regularly in the next month (double hooray!).

In the meantime, I put together a page about my teaching practices for my first year composition course. Check it out if you’re interested! (It’s also in the menu at the top of the site.)